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About CityGusto Experts

CityGusto highlights votes and reviews that we Know are Trustworthy instead of attempting to hide opinions we Think are Questionable. These trusted votes and reviews come from users we call Experts: people who seem to best know a particular location, as well as bloggers, food critics, chefs and bartenders. Earn yourself an Expert badge, and not only will you see your votes and reviews featured front and center, but you might also soon find yourself at one of our fun events, like our recent taco and craft beer extravaganza.

There are several different types of experts:

Location Experts

Location Experts are regular CityGusto users who know an individual neighborhood or city inside out. They’re awarded the Expert badge based on the quantity and quality of their contributions, such as list votes and reviews. There are Experts for each neighborhood and city, no matter how large or small, and the Experts are always changing. Check out the Expert Leaderboard to see the current roster.

Food Bloggers & Critics

Food bloggers and critics think and write about food non-stop, so their reviews automatically get Expert weight. If you are a blogger or a critic, simply sign up for a CityGusto account and send us an email with a link to your writing. We’ll get you set up right away, and we’ll let you know all about our special blogger features. Check out the Bloggers & Critics Leaderboard to see the current top Experts in Greater Boston and each individual neighborhood.

Chefs & Bartenders

No one knows the Greater Boston restaurant and bar scene better than the chefs and bartenders who work around the city. They also know a thing or two about food and drinks, so who better to give Expert recommendations? Email us to get listed as a chef or bartender Expert.